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Our Message

Valley Oak Children’s Services (VOCS) is a private nonprofit agency serving Butte County, California since 1980. Our programs are tailored to meet individual family goals and our programs reflect our commitment to building strong communities. We believe that when families have the services and support they need, they will be able to raise healthy, competent and capable children.

We are widely known for offering child care assistance to qualified families that are working, going to school or looking for work. Did you know if you are a 2 parent family with 1 child your child care expenses can take up to 60% of your income? With the cost of care for an infant in a full-time slot around $1,200, it makes it difficult for families in our community to thrive.

The goal at VOCS is keeping children learning, parents earning and keep our community growing. 82.5% of every dollar we receive is reinvested in the community – last year we invested over 10 million dollars to support children, families and the community. Fundraising is vital to keep our programs thriving!

Our fundraising efforts support our Parent Café and Behavioral Health programs, to purchase back-to-school items for community children, to purchase basic needs items for families, to purchase bike helmets & life jackets, to provide workshops & events for providers, and to purchases over 10,000 books so every child and family has books at home!

With support from individuals like you, we work together to build a better future for our children and the next generation of leaders. Thank you for making a difference for children in Butte County!


Mission Statement

Touching the H.E.A.R.T. of Children, Families and our Community through Health, Education, Advocacy, Resources, and Training. Parents have questions and Valley Oak Children’s Services has answers! We offer childcare information, child care payment assistance, free books for literacy, healthy meal planning, Early Head Start, Behavioral Health Services and our Parent Café.

We are a strength-based organization focusing on what’s strong not what’s wrong. Our goal is to have children learning, parents earning and our community thriving.