What is the Week of Giving?

North Valley Community Foundation is excited to announce the North Valley Week of Giving, a region-wide fundraising event made possible by Ken Grossman and Katie Gonser. North Valley Week of Giving is modeled after #GivingTuesday, an online campaign encouraging people to invest in the charitable causes they value on a predetermined Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

We have decided to expand the timeframe, giving our charitable causes more time to share their stories and make a case for community members’ investments. This weeklong event is exclusively online and open to all nonprofit public charities in Butte, Tehama, Colusa, and Glenn counties, as well as charitable funds of the North Valley Community Foundation. The event is designed to further the power of community-wide fundraising efforts, demonstrated for a decade through our Annie B’s Community Drive, while also capitalizing on the storytelling and fundraising efficiencies of the internet.

The North Valley Week of Giving will be a powerful tool for charities fundraising in our region, today and for years to come. The future of giving is online, and with that in mind, we have created a simple infrastructure and intuitive process to open up the world of online fundraising to our funds and nonprofit participants in the area. Our approach will encourage community members to use the internet to support the causes they value, as well as provide an easy opportunity to learn about new and existing causes in the region. Equally as important, our investment in building out the online infrastructure, as well as handling the administrative and accounting work, will allow small, medium and large-scale operations alike to focus solely on sharing their stories (and value) without the burden of developing new internal infrastructure that can be costly.

Millions of dollars are being invested in public charities through the internet each year. There are generations who have the capacity to give, but will likely never write a check to a charity. Their passion and ability to help nonprofits and charitable funds advance their missions is not something that the nonprofit sector can afford to overlook if they hope to maintain stability and achieve sustainability. So, the North Valley Community Foundation is investing in this strategy and infrastructure for everyone.

The North Valley Community Foundation will provide marketing, storytelling, and messaging materials for all of our participants to help make this a successful campaign. We are dedicated to spreading our knowledge and resources, while learning from our partners and the community.

The future of giving is online, and for all of us in the North Valley, it starts on November 26th and runs until December 3rd.

Let’s make investing in what we value as easy as a click of a ‘Donate’ button. And, let’s show again, how working together really is the way forward for our region.

For more than a decade, the North Valley Community Foundation has unified community members, social entrepreneurs and nonprofits for social good. We have helped our clients raise approximately $90 million since 2005 for hundreds of charitable causes here and around the globe.