2018 North Valley Week of Giving

Participant Terms of Agreement


These terms must be agreed to in order to complete the application process. The online application form invites you to click a box to confirm that your organization has read, understands, and agrees to abide by these terms.


  • Participant is currently a 501c3 organization in good standing for both federal and California purposes and is based in and active in Butte, Tehama, Colusa, or Glenn counties, or is a fund with North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) that has been active during 2018 (referred to as ‘organization’).
  • I understand that NVCF will accept online donations on behalf of our organization from 9am on November 26 through 4 pm on December 3 and these donations will be distributed to our organization within 30 days of the close of the drive. Gifts will be charged a 2.5% administrative fee by NVCF, plus a variable merchant account fee of approximately 2.5% by Stripe, our credit card processor. Stripe’s fee may vary slightly depending on the type of credit card used by the donor (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.).
  • All donations must be received online. Each participant will be given a page on the official North Valley Week of Giving website that will contain a path for donors to give to your organization. A donate button on the organizations’ website or social media accounts can be linked to the official North Valley Week of Giving website. For participants who already have funds at NVCF, physical donations of cash or checks will still be accepted but will not count toward to amount raised in the North Valley Week of Giving program.
  • I understand that a tax receipt will automatically be generated and sent to each donor shortly after submission of donation.
  • I understand that funds directed to this effort are to be contributions from donors only:
    • No funds allowed from special events or fundraisers;
    • No goods or services shall be provided or promised in exchange for donations;
    • No fees for membership, drawings, dinners, or other activities are allowed;
    • No funds shall be in fulfillment of any donor pledges.
  • I agree to support the marketing efforts of the North Valley Week of Giving and will participate in these marketing efforts to the degree possible. NVCF will provide all participants with official North Valley Week of Giving marketing materials, including logos, social media banners, and sample press releases.
  • The marketing activities of our organization will be consistent with the goals and efforts of the North Valley Week of Giving and will include the North Valley Week of Giving logo in printed material, online information, or other media.
  • NVCF has permission to use the name of our organization in marketing and promotional material as a participant in the North Valley Week of Giving.
  • I understand that all funds received by North Valley Community Foundation are subject to the variance power of the NVCF Board of Directors in the event that these terms are violated.