Marketing Toolkit

Get ready! The Week of Giving starts Nov. 26th and runs until Dec. 3rd

The North Valley Week of Giving was designed around the notion that storytelling is an integral part of fundraising. It is our job as charitable organizations to tell donors what we do, why we do it, and how their support will affect our capacity to do good work. Only after the story of your organization has been told is it reasonable to ask for financial support.

The goal of the North Valley Week of Giving is to bring all the charitable organizations in the region together and give them all the opportunity to tell their stories at the same time. We believe that by telling all of our stories at once over the course of a week, we will all help to connect donors to causes that they are passionate about and we will get to show the entire region the good work that changemakers are doing in their communities. According to our President & CEO Alexa Benson-Valavanis, fundraising is all about connecting with your donors and the community

This approach relies on all of the participants in the North Valley Week of Giving to put out content of their own on social and traditional media, while we promote the event itself and make sure that each of the participating organizations has an audience. So write a letter to your potential donors, share some stories from a recent project, record a video where you talk to someone impacted by your services. You get ready to tell the community what you are working on, and we will make sure people are there to hear about it!

But you are not alone. Below are some ideas and materials to help you reach a wider audience and make sure that your efforts are linked into the larger North Valley Week of Giving campaign that will be actively promoted throughout the community. If you need help with something else, or if you think of something else we can provide in this toolkit, there is a link at the bottom to submit ideas and suggestions!

We believe that this approach is going to help everyone! Click here to hear what NVCF CEO & President Alexa Benson-Valavanis thinks about the “Myth of Scarcity”

Social Media

  • Include the hashtag #WeekofGiving2018 in all social media posts to share your story and help donors find your organization.
    • Remember, you can provide donors with a direct link to your page, or encourage them to go to and browse the appropriate category
  • Please mention us in all of your North Valley Week of Giving posts on Facebook by including @northvalleycf
  • If the North Valley Community Foundation posts something about #WeekofGiving2018, please feel free to share it from your organization’s account! All #WeekofGiving2018 correspondence should be clearly linked with your organization to avoid donor confusion

Promoting through key supporters

Please feel free to reach out to your sponsors and supports to encourage matching programs. If you have a sponsor who is providing a donation match, please let us know so that we can promote your campaign!


Need some help coming up with quick and catchy ways to communicate to your audience about the North Valley Week of Giving? Here are some ideas to play with:

  • We are thankful for our community and this week is about supporting local nonprofits with local generosity #WeekofGiving2018
  • #GivingTuesday is only a piece of #WeekofGiving2018
  • #nonprofits, 8 days, 4 counties, 1 North Valley community
  • What do you want to see in your community? #WeekofGiving2018
  • Locals giving locally #WeekofGiving2018

Style and usage

  • Please note that the name is North Valley Week of Giving
    • Correct: We are participating in the 2018 North Valley Week of Giving
    • Incorrect: We are participating in the WoG/North Valley Community Foundation Week Of Giving/[Your organization’s name] Week of Giving


For all images, click on the photo to see it larger, and if you like it right-click the image with your mouse and select “Save As” to download it. If you need assistance uploading images to websites or social media, please email

North Valley Week of Giving logos

When using the North Valley Week of Giving logo please do not:

  • Distort the proportions of the image
  • Crop or use portions of the logo
  • Recreate or customize the logo by adding imagery or wording

Social media downloads

The following images are all sized to be cover photos (the horizontal image above the profile picture) on Facebook. You are also absolutely free to create your own!

Sample Press Release

Click here to download a sample press release to announce your participation in the North Valley Week of Giving. Note: Read the sample carefully and update all language in parenthesis to be specific to your participating organization.

Thank you letter

Click here to download a template thank you letter to send to your generous donors

*These resources (logos, press releases, social media images) are intended only for participants in the Week of Giving. Please do not use these materials if you are not a participant, or for any communications that are not related to the Week of Giving.

What else would you like to see included?

If you have any requests or suggestions for additional materials to include in the Marketing Toolkit, click here and let us know! We will do our best to accommodate requests and suggestions.